constant threat

constant threat
постоянная угроза

English-russian dctionary of diplomacy. 2014.

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  • threat — [ θret ] noun *** 1. ) count an occasion when someone says that they will cause you harm or problems, especially if you do not do what they tell you to do: threat of: After threats of legal action they stopped the construction. make/issue a… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • threat */*/*/ — UK [θret] / US noun Word forms threat : singular threat plural threats 1) [countable/uncountable] a situation or an activity that could cause harm or danger threat to: Officials were confident there had been no threat to public health. a threat… …   English dictionary

  • threat — [[t]θre̱t[/t]] ♦♦ threats 1) N VAR: with supp, oft N to/from n, N of n A threat to a person or thing is a danger that something unpleasant might happen to them. A threat is also the cause of this danger. Some couples see single women as a threat… …   English dictionary

  • threat — 01. Police have received an anonymous [threat] declaring that a bomb has been planted at the airport. 02. Making [threatening] gestures to someone can be considered a form of assault. 03. The Martians [threatened] to destroy all humankind if… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • threat*/*/ — [θret] noun 1) [C] someone or something that could cause harm or danger She is not viewed as a threat by her former employer.[/ex] a threat to freedom[/ex] The dispute poses a threat (= is a threat) to peace.[/ex] 2) [C] an occasion when someone… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • constant — [[t]kɒ̱nstənt[/t]] ♦♦ constants 1) ADJ: usu ADJ n You use constant to describe something that happens all the time or is always there. She suggests that women are under constant pressure to be abnormally thin... Inflation is a constant threat...… …   English dictionary

  • Constant visual observation — Constant visual observation, often abbreviated to constant visual , is a term used in various Mental Health Services, Prisons and Special Schools to describe the status of a prisoner or patient who poses a threat to himself or a third party, and… …   Wikipedia

  • threat — noun 1 expression of intention to do harm/punish ADJECTIVE ▪ dire, terrible ▪ Despite dire threats of violence from extremist groups, the protest passed off peacefully. ▪ empty, idle ▪ The ki …   Collocations dictionary

  • threat fatigue — (THRET fuh.teeg) n. Ignoring or downplaying possible threats because one has been subjected to constant warnings about those threats. Example Citation: Over all, the decision against a public alert represents a significant shift in the thinking… …   New words

  • constant — adj. VERBS ▪ be ▪ remain, stay ▪ The level of unemployment remains fairly constant at around 10%. ▪ hold sth (technical), keep sth …   Collocations dictionary

  • Emmanuel Constant — (nicknamed Toto , born on October 27, 1956) is the founder of FRAPH, a Haitian death squad organized in mid 1993 to terrorize supporters of exiled president Jean Bertrand Aristide. After the 1994 U.S. and UN led multinational occupation restored… …   Wikipedia

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